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This bullet can be presented as a programmed fragmentation bullet...

Initially, the compression of fluid in the central canal causes a deformation in the fore part (mushrooming) that triples the nominal diameter of the projectile. Then, solely under the effect of the resistance of the tissues encountered, a separation of the petals (petalization) takes place.

After separation, the petals detach from the residual core. Being lighter in weight than the core, they are stopped inside the animal’s body whereas in most cases, the core pursues its trajectory and creates an exit orifice.

The lesions to the tissues made by the core as well as the additional lesions made by the petals ensure more significant hemorrhages than those caused by classic projectiles. By bringing about a large drop in arterial blood pressure, they cause cardio-respiratory arrest in game.

As for the exit orifice, it facilitates finding blood by creating a large and regular external hemorrhage.

It is due to this additional efficacy that many hunters and hunting professionals trust us and shoot GPA bullets

Expansion of the bullet :

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